Dog Training DisrUPted - UPWARD Dogology

Which Method is Best for Anxiety Rehab and Why? Then, Meet Brad Malin, of Companion CBD.

August 15, 2021 Billie Groom Season 5 Episode 9
Dog Training DisrUPted - UPWARD Dogology
Which Method is Best for Anxiety Rehab and Why? Then, Meet Brad Malin, of Companion CBD.
Show Notes

Welcome to our first mid-month episode where I provide insight and info on dog behavior, followed by an guest speaker who is in an expert in their field. 

Let's talk about Anxiety Rehabilitation!  Conventional methods, ones common in mainstream dog training, adhere to the principles of Conditioning Methodologies. They are intentionally designed to teach and encourage expected behaviors, and prevent unwanted behaviors, making them great for puppies and some dogs. But what happens when dogs already feel fear or anxiety and their behaviors are already established? Well, this is where cognitive behavioral therapy shines! Find out why.

Meet Brad Malin, owner of Companion CBD, the only CBD product with a veterinarian on the team!  Brad has a background in health and has worked closely with veterinarians. Frustrated by the inefficiencies of CBD for pets, he, along with veterinarians, developed the only CBD product in soft chews and backed by veterinarians.  Find out what you need to know about CBD products - you will be surprised!

CompanionCBD - CBD For Pets

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