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Billie Groom

Welcome! This podcast is a thought provoking journey into the world of dog rescue, science, rehabilitation, and canine behavior. Host, Billie Groom, is an expert in Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and award winning author. She was featured in Psychology Today Magazine by Marc Bekoff, and appears on many shows, including LA Tribune, IGNITE Your Essence, DVM 360, The Animal Innovations Show, and is a featured speaker at the Animal Behavior Society Conference 2022. Billie openly shares her experiences and knowledge, in a straight-forward and often humorous manner, acquired over three decades working with dogs, rescuers, fosters, adopters, and industry experts. She describes how dogs think, learn, process, and absorb our urban world, compared to that of puppies, and explains, without judgement, the inherent limitations of conventional training methods. Billie, then, introduces us to Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT), a scientifically proven methodology designed to recognize pre-established thought patterns, respect emotions, and harness cognitive abilities. NOTE: this podcast does not provide specific training advice. As a successful behaviorist for over 3 decades, and an expert in CCBT, Billie shares with us the learning journeys of a few of her clients. If you feel defeated, or as though nothing is working, you are not alone! Billie has helped hundreds of people every year who felt that surrender or euthanasia was their only option. You can do this, too! Billie chats with the most interesting people who help animals. From volunteers, to rescuers, to veterinarians, and authors, you will be amazed by the work these wonderful people do everyday! Mixed in with all this enlightening information, Billie dives deep into scientific studies on dog behavior, and dissects the world of dog rescue and training. Are the experts providing you with all the information? Or are you being saturated with gimmicks and ineffective advice? This podcast aims to change societal views on rescued dogs and our ability to effectively integrate dogs with checkered pasts into our world. By incorporating Canine CBT into mainstream dog rearing, we can reclaim the lost human-animal bond, and change the world for dogs in need.ABOUT Billie: Billie is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, Comparative Cognition Society, and Animal Behavior Society. She is the author of an award winning book on rescued dogs, and published in Ruff Drafts Magazine, Cold Noses News, and Dog Desk Radio. She is a guest on multiple podcasts, tv and radio shows, and is a graduate of Western Ont. University. Her business won the Global Business Awards 2021. She hails from Ontario, Canada and lives in Saskatchewan, Canada with her rescued dogs and a cat who adopted her.
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