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Dog Fosters! Goal Setting for Success

April 25, 2023 Billie Groom Season 7 Episode 2
Dog Training DisrUPted - UPWARD Dogology
Dog Fosters! Goal Setting for Success
Show Notes

Fostering adolescent and adult dogs can be challenging. In this episode, I break down the goals and introduce the 7 step fostering program I have applied with hundreds of dogs and taught to dozens of fosters.

Programs for pet parents are different than those of fostering - Why? Because the goal is different!  Fostering is not about BEING the best home or addressing behavioral issues that are specific to the foster home, but rather, taking the steps to ensure a successful adoption into the best home for the dog.

I use the example of a recent foster couple I helped with their challenging dog. Their goal to address behavioral issues specific to their home life complicated the process of providing the dog with the necessary skills to be happily homed.

The UPWARD Dogology 7 step program keeps the goals in the forefront and the success rate high. In this episode, I review these steps, discussing why they are important, and how they eliminate the need for lengthy fostering periods and allow for an easy integration into their new home.


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